Organic Açaí Berry Pulp

Comes in a packet with 4 sets of 100 gm satchet

Price is per packet 

By Selva

Selva was born out of the love for all things wild and green and a deep sense that cross cultural experiences enrich our lives and perspectives. The core of Selva lies in our commitment to introduce the finest, wild-harvested açaí to Asia through sustainable-harvesting methods and community-supported agriculture.

  • Made from single origin açaí berry from Amazon Forest
  • Pure and unsweetened
  • To be kept in freezer 
  • Great for blending for bowls, smoothies and juice 
  • TIP: Blend 1 açaí satchet with frozen banana and berries! Yummy! 
  • Organic, halal certified, dairy free, gluten free, vegetarian, plant based, colouring and preservatives free