Reina Claudia Plums

Price is for punnet of 500gm

Direct from Spain these little green fruits, no larger than a marshmallow, are perhaps the most delicious fruits in the world! 👍
Don’t let the army-green color fool you in to thinking these plums might be tart or sour. They are extremely fragrant, succulent and sweet when ripe!

  • A type of green plum 
  • Amber coloured inner flesh
  • Candy like sweetness with subtle hints of acidity
  • Note: The white coating is a safe, natural part of the fruit. Known as the "bloom," the waxy, silvery-white substance on the surface of grapes, blueberries, and certain plums acts as a barrier against insects and bacteria and helps to seal in the fruit’s moisture.The bloom is also a sign of freshness, since it fades with time and handling.